Thursday, September 13, 2007

How To Prevent Shoulder Injuries

It takes an integrated training program to lessen the chances of sports shoulder injuries. There are no guarantees, but taking the following steps can help keep your shoulder injury-free:

1) Poor Technique: Bad throwing/motion habits will certainly lead to shoulder problems. When fatigue sets in, the shoulder problems increase. It is critical to learn proper throwing/motion technique in your sport.

2) Flexibility: Adequate flexibility is important for every part of the body and especially so for the shoulder. Freedom of movement for the pelvis, trunk, scapula, and humerus are important. For the rotator cuff, balancing the forces centering the head of the humerus and freedom of movement is critical.

The rotator cuff muscles are dependent on good positioning of the scapula for effective control. Bad positioning of the scapula results in decreased ability of the shoulder muscles to produce power. Static stretching for flexibility should not be done prior to training or athletic competition (a dynamic flexibility routine prepares the entire body best for competition).

Core Strength and Stability: All movement begins with the core, so it is essential to strenghen and stabilize it. For the shoulder, the important areas are the lumbar spine, cervical spine and the scapulothoracic joint. If these areas are not stable, extra loading and strain is passed on to the shoulder joint.

General Muscle Strength: Once the body's core is adequately strengthened and stabilized, the body's limbs should then be strengthened. A strong core maximizes limb strength and power.

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  1. Useful information and well presented. It's also news I can use, since I've begun experiencing slight yoga-related injuries for the first time after five years of intense and regular practice. So I'm glad to have found you and your fine blogs.

  2. very insightful and well articulated.Some of the measure I resonate with but i could not express them more meaningfully.I could use the advice in my practice word for word. thank you are a real inspiration

  3. Hi there,
    Regular exercise really prevents shoulder injuries.



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