Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Parents Of Young Athletes Beware! Adequate Rest Is Needed!

With the growth of select sports programs and sports specialization, young athletes are running into a big problem! They aren't getting enough sleep!

This affects everything they do---school, home life, social life and the sports they are dedicated to. Young people are playing on their school's team and their club team at the same time. That is alot of practices and games! It takes a toll on their bodies and minds.

And sports become more like work and less fun. Inadequate sleep affects growth patterns and school work. Parents, I'm talking to you. Your kid is probably not the next Derek Jeter or Tom Brady. And, even if she or he is a great athlete, there are no guarantees of future stardom. Allow your kid to play one sport at a time.

Kids want to slow down even if they don't say that to you. Here's a test for parents: before the next sport season starts, ask your kid if she or he wants to play that sport. Your kid may need a break from sports and say no to sports for a while!

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