Thursday, November 22, 2007

Sports Power Series, 4

The final part(4) in this series will detail popular plyometric exercises. The training exercises should mimic the movements in your sport (mechanical, physiological and metabolic similarity).

Safety concerns during plyometric training are:

1. Proper footwear for the athlete
2. Proper training surfaces (hard surfaces should be avoided)
3. Program design and supervision by a fitness professional

Early training in plyometrics should focus on good technique and landing form. Speed of execution should start only after the athlete has learned proper technique. Failure to follow this protocol will almost certainly lead to injuries. Here are some popular plyometric exercises:

Kneeling Two-Armed Chest Pass

Squat Jump

Two Armed Wall Pass

Broad(Long) Jump

Tuck Jumps

There are literally dozens of plyometric drills and exercises that can be tailored to your sport and position played. Bigger, faster and stronger! Every athlete wants this to happen. Don't rush the strength and power building process!

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