Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Do This Simple Workout To Increase Speed

Here is a simple strategy to improve your straight-ahead speed and speed endurance (the ability to maintain speed for a prolonged time). Remember, you must train fast in order to get faster.

Do each sprint with 100% maximum effort. If these sprints are part of a workout, then do these sprints first while you are fresh. If you perform these sprints at the end of your workout, you will probably improve your endurance (not speed endurance) and not your running speed. Perform your sprint repetitions this way:

1. Run an eighty yard sprint and walk or jog back to the starting line (that is one repetition). Do this 8-10 times. Rest at least 8 minutes between sprints to recover.

2. A progression of this workout can be done on a hill or stadium steps to further challenge yourself.

3. Do this speed workout 2 times a week.

4. Some sports, such as soccer and basketball, require repeated sprints with intervals of walking or jogging. So this would be an ideal workout for those sports.

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