Friday, February 29, 2008

A Great Full-Body Core Exercise: The Figure 8

Some exercises can be used as a warm-up or explosive movement. The Figure 8 exercise is that type of exercise. It is primarily a core exercise. You can use the Figure 8 to improve your athletic power. Performing this exercise at full speed will improve your athletic power.

As the exercise's name suggest, you will be doing the Figure 8 motion.

1. Start Position: Hold medicine ball with your arms extended over your right shoulder. In one continuous motion, bring the ball down in front of you (just below the waist) and the ball should end towards your left foot (like a woodchop).

2. Stand back up and raise the ball straight up over your left shoulder and now bring the ball down towards your right foot.

3. You will have to bend at your knees to complete this exercise.

4. Return to starting position and repeat the required repetitions.

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  1. like the simple nature of the article. Will be trying this out next time I am doing core work. Figure you can do it with plates for more advanced work.


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