Thursday, February 21, 2008

High Speed Workouts Will Improve Your Power

It doesn't help you to continually get stronger if power development is not there also. Power, or speed strength (how fast your muscles can produce force) is one of the best physical predictors of success in sports.

Traditional barbell and dumbbell strength exercises do not allow you to move at the speeds necessary to improve power. Strength training gives the athlete the muscular and nervous system development needed to develop optimal power.

At some point, you need to stop getting stronger and allow your strength to make you a more powerful and explosive athlete. To do this, you have to train fast (maximum effort).

High speed power training is for advanced athletes who have developed optimal strength (including core strength), dynamic balance and flexibility. Without this development, you will injure yourself.

And, young athletes should not start with this type of power training. Many group exercise programs emphasize plyometrics and power exercises because they are more glamorous than the needed foundational exercises.

These young athletes' bodies are not ready for this type of intensity.
Parents, you need to let your young athletes develop in the right way (a progressive athletic strength program).

Many high speed athletic power training exercises involve the use of medicine balls and one-legged exercises. As stated earlier, each exercise should be done with maximum effort. Go Power up!

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Mark Dilworth, BA, PES
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