Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Improve Your Closing Speed To "Make The Play"

Have you ever thought Deion Sanders was beat by the receiver but by the time the ball arrived, Deion had an interception. That is closing speed! The ability to kick it “into another gear” to make the play. This can be practiced with run and sprints. Run and Sprints work this way:

Run and Sprints - Set a distance of 50 yards. Start out running and build up to near full speed at 40 yards. Sprint full speed the final 10 yards. The final full speed sprint is the "close."

Closing speed can also be practiced during acceleration speed training.

Most of the time, an athlete is not running full speed during the game. But sometimes, it is necessary for the athlete to accelerate to full speed (or near full speed) as quickly as possible in order to “make the play.”

Going back to the Deion Sanders example, he was able to accelerate quickly to make the interception. If you do a search on the internet and put in “closing speed” (on Yahoo), Deion’s YouTube video (closing to make an interception) will be one of the choices.

Playing speed is multi-faceted and the athlete needs all aspects of playing speed to be successful.

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