Thursday, May 1, 2008

Practice Running Mechanics With Butt Kickers

Fundamentals, fundamentals! If you fail to learn the fundamentals, don't expect to perform on an elite level in sports.

Some of the biggest games have been won and lost because a player executed or didn't execute the fundamentals of the sport! Have you ever seen a basketball player not get a rebound because she or he didn't "box out" the opponent.

A rebound could save the game in some instances. Has a ball ever rolled between your legs because you didn't get in position to field the baseball properly? In truth, all games are won by the player/team that executes the fundamentals of the sport best.

When it comes to sprinting mechanics, you need to practice the fundamentals every day. A good exercise to practice mechanics is Butt Kickers. You can warmup or practice full speed with this exercise.

The faster the running speed, the higher the heel on the rear foot should kick up (butt kick). When the foot leaves the ground, it should follow a path straight up to the buttocks. It should not flail from side to side. Review other aspects of proper running mechanics in this post.

Be a better athlete by executing the fundamentals properly!

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