Thursday, July 10, 2008

Don't Neglect The Frontal Plane of Motion During Training

Stop training so much on weight machines! Machines help you too much and limit your development! The frontal plane is an imaginary bisector that divides the body into equal front and back halves.

The motions primarily involve abduction and adduction (side-to-side motions). Abduction takes a limb away from the midline of the body and adduction takes the limb closer to the midline of the body. Examples include exercises performed on hip abductor and hip adductor machines.

Other frontal plane motions would be side lunges, lateral step ups, dumbbell lateral shoulder raises and lateral spinal flexion.

Quickness and agility movements made by athletes require adequate frontal plane stability, strength, power, flexibility and balance. Side shuffles and slides are common movements for athletes during competition.

The point is this: do less training on machines and more athletic training movements on your feet. Training movements that are similar to game-time motions are best.

See this post in which I discuss all 3 planes of motion.

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