Friday, August 29, 2008

Client Sports Fitness Question Of The Week, 9

Speed kills! Speed never has a bad ballgame! There are other speed sayings......This client Q & A has a little different twist on speed.

Client Q: I'm not a "speed demon." What can I do to get faster for football?

Mark's A: The speed secret for any athlete is this: PLAY THE GAME FAST! Players rarely reach or need maximum speed during the game. Don't get me wrong, try to become as fast as you can. Straight-ahead (or linear) speed is great.

But, other aspects of speed will allow you to PLAY THE GAME FASTER such as closing speed, acceleration speed, stopping speed, reaction time, quickness, agility, proper footwork, etc.

Mastering these aspects of speed will give you an advantage on the playing field. Read my posts on speed development. And, download my eBook on "Speed Training For Athletes."

Work hard, master the speed mechanics and you WILL PLAY THE GAME FASTER!

Download your Free Book, "What to Never Eat After You Workout."

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