Thursday, August 14, 2008

Maintaining Strength and Power During The Season

One of my clients said to me the other day that as his college sport's season wore on, his performance began to decline. This was due to inadequate training during the season.

A big part of periodization training is designed to allow the athlete to peak (and maintain high performance) at the right time--during the season. Read my post about athletic periodization training.

Phase 3 - Training During The Season

During this phase of periodization training, increases in strength and speed may still be needed (as in track and field). In other sports, such as baseball or football, strength and power needs to be maintained during the season. This means that if you stop strength and power training during the season, your performance will begin to decline as the season wears on.

It is also critical that the athlete get adequate rest and proper nutrition during the season. Some sports, such as baseball and basketball, require you to play as many as 5-6 games per week. And, a sport such as football takes a physical toll on the body. The right balance of training, nutrition and rest is necessary to allow the athlete to maintain peak performance.

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  1. Sounds balanced - too many focus on the training and forget the nutrition needed to fuel sport fitness.

  2. Thanks for the comment Anne! 60-70% of sports fitness success depends on good nutrition.


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