Friday, September 12, 2008

Client Sports Fitness Question Of The Week, 11

Let's face it....every one doesn't start with great or even above average athletic talent! So, what can the "average athlete" do to improve? Read this question!

Client Q: My son has average athletic talent. He needs to improve quickness, speed, power, etc. What does he need to do?

Mark's A: There are many examples of the best players not being the best athletes on the field or court. Here are some examples of how to do it:

--Base Stealing: You can steal a base by getting a "good jump" and accelerating fast (you don't have time to reach maximum speed). So, starting and acceleration speed training is critical for baseball players.

--Playing Defense: Defending a player in basketball is about hard work and footwork! Anyone can improve in these areas! Speed ladder drills, cone drills, shuffle drills, etc. will help you improve in these areas.

--Endurance: Soccer mid fielders have to cover alot of ground--for the whole game! So do football wide receivers/defensive backs and lacrosse players. Speed endurance training builds the athlete up to be able to run repeated sprints for the entire game. The strongest and fastest player or team at the end of the game often wins it!

--Core: How many times have you seen a player start to "lose upper body power" after a long game and struggle to finish a shot or run? A weak core area (torso) will definitely slow your speed and power when you become tired. Anyone can train to strengthen the core!

Hard, smart work will make you a better player---and a better athlete! Don't concern yourself with what you don't have athletically! Concern yourself with improving your strength, power, speed and overall athletic skills as much as you can!

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