Thursday, September 4, 2008

Training Tips From Elite Athletes, Part 3

Derek Jeter, captain of the New York Yankees is a champion having won 4 baseball world series titles in his first 5 years in the major leagues (1996-2000)! He is also my favorite baseball player so I will listen to what he has to say about training for his sport. He is an admitted hard worker and plays the game hard every play, every day.

In the April 2008 issue of Men's Health, Jeter talks about his training regimen. He plays one of the most demanding positions in baseball (shortstop) so he must be in peak condition for the long season. He doesn't go into a lot of detail about his workouts but he does list some workout principles.

1. Do a thorough, dynamic warmup before each practice or game like jumping jacks, lunges, arm circles, pushups and bodyweight squats. Research has proven that a dynamic warmup will prepare your body best for competition.

2. Jeter does a balanced weight training workout in order to prevent injuries and muscle imbalances. Some examples are deadlifts, pullups, rows, squats, lunges, shoulder presses, bench presses and core training. Rotational core training is critical for baseball players.

3. For his explosive training, Jeter does sprints and jump training (plyometrics) to keep his fast twitch muscle fibers tuned and working at peak performance. Fast twitch muscle fibers are crucial for speed and power and also the ones you lose the quickest as you get older.

See this post that discusses other baseball training exercises.

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