Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Top 100 Sports Training And Nutrition Tips, #2

If you are an injured athlete, you can't compete! Its that simple! The purpose of your sports fitness training is to give your body the best chance at avoiding injuries while competing at a high level. Here are some tips:

11. Don't over-train. Over-training is a leading cause of sports injuries. Signs of over-training include slow foot movement, extreme exhaustion and sloppy execution of exercises.

12. Perform the exercises correctly. If you repeatedly do your exercises the wrong way, you will end up with injuries. Also, the exercises will train the wrong muscles the wrong way. For example, if an exercise hurts, that is a sign that you are injured or you are doing the exercise wrong. You might need the help of a professional trainer.

13. Don't do exercises before you are ready for them. For example, you shouldn't be doing high speed plyometric exercises before you have adequate core and body strength.

14. Don't base your exercise program on something you read in a magazine! Also, don't base your exercise program on another athlete's program. Every athlete is different and will have a unique training program. A professional trainer can design a program just for you!

15. Get a fitness and nutrition assessment done by a professional trainer! This is a very important step to take. Among other things, postural deficiencies, body fat percentage, muscle imbalances and flexibility problems are identified. Also, you need to know if you are eating like an athlete should!

What are you waiting for? Schedule your fitness and nutrition assessment today! It won't cost you anything but your time (about 45 minutes)! Call (512-289-8879) or email me at the bottom of this post! Don't put it off!

Train hard and smart! See ya tomorrow!

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