Friday, November 21, 2008

Basketball Training: Medicine Ball Squat Jump-To-Pass

I grew up in a town with a basketball dynasty (16 big-school state championships--Hobbs, NM)....One of the trademarks of those teams was that they could pass the ball with such precision and was not uncommon for a player to get the rebound, make the outlet pass, two more passes and two points---the ball never touched the floor! The Hobbs Eagles are a run-and-gun offensive and full-court-press defensive team. I believe they still hold the national high school record for points averaged in a season---114.6 points per game (look it up)....

Any way, a good power exercise for basketball players is the medicine ball squat jump-to-pass. This exercise is done full speed.

1. Start in an athletic stance (feet slightly wider than shoulder width) with the medicine ball at your chest.

2. Squat and jump as high as you can, extending the medicine ball over your head (like getting a rebound off the backboard).

3. As soon as you land, pass the ball with explosion but under control. Land soft, knees slightly bent and shoulders slightly leaned forward. The knees should also be in line with the toes when landing. Risk of injury is greater when the knees "cave in" or rotate outward. Practice good jumping and landing techniques before doing this exercise at full speed.

Train hard and smart!

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