Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Core Strength Improves Your Speed Endurance

I was watching a client's middle school team play football last night....I noticed many of the player's postures in the third and fourth quarters....they had trouble running upright and that told me at least two things they were lacking: 1) adequate core strength and 2) speed endurance.

Core strength is important to help you remain strong and upright when you are running, especially in the late stages of a game....adequate core strength helps your speed endurance, which is the ability to maintain maximum velocity or a percentage of maximum velocity for a prolonged period of time or in a fatigued state. The best players and teams have excellent overall body strength, core strength and speed endurance (and they win the most games).

Several sports require speed endurance including football, lacrosse, basketball, soccer, field hockey and tennis. These sports require repeated sprints followed by short periods of rest (walking or jogging). Read my posts on speed endurance and metabolic training.

The fastest players don't get the prize----the players who can run faster for a longer period of time usually win games or individual competitions!

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