Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Season Is Over.....Pamper and Strengthen Your Body

Most fall season athletes, like football players, are finished with the season. Now is the time to rest, recuperate and rehab your body.......this step is important----don't overlook it! Nagging injuries could "spill over" into the next season (s) and cause more injuries and degeneration!

This phase of your training prepares your body for the more intense phases to follow. General strength and conditioning is needed by strengthening the core and all other major muscle groups and joint structures. The cardiovascular and nervous systems are also developed.

This phase of training is also used to rehabilitate injuries and correct any postural dysfunctions. Strength training is high volume and low intensity. This means training with lighter weights and higher repetitions.

The heavier weight training and sport specific training will follow! All athletes need this phase of training. Elite athletes won't need as much time in this phase as a beginning or low-level athlete.

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