Friday, April 10, 2009

Sports Fitness Hut's Golf Power Workout!

If you want to swing your golf club with more power (club head speed), then you need Sports Fitness Hut's Golf Power Workout book!

Golfers have not traditionally been "workout warriors" in the weight room. Thanks to golfers like Tiger Woods (a huge advocate of strength training), more golfers are seeking the benefits of strength training for their sport. Strength training not only makes golfers better players, but it also decreases injury recovery time and/or prevents injuries.

Low back pain and various other trunk-related injuries are common to amateur and pro golfers. Since the golf swing is one of the most explosive and biomechanically complex movements in sports, a player needs to follow a golf-specific strength and conditioning program. Failure to do so will inevitably lead to injuries.

With this workout, you will improve core strength, muscle endurance/strength, flexibility, balance, range of motion and power. You will be the best golfer you can be (whatever that may be). Core training is the foundation that improves your overall golfing game. The greater your core strength, the greater your extremity (limbs) strength and power will be. Posture, flexibility, strength, balance, stability and power will all be enhanced with a strong core.

Flexibility will increase joint range of motion which increases your club swing range and time for generation of force.

Strength alone will not do much to improve your club head speed. All the components work together to transfer the power generated in your lower body to your trunk, to your arms and finally to the club head. Finally, strength and conditioning (which includes cardio training) will allow you to have the muscle endurance you need to finish those golfing rounds on a strong note. Golfers, a great golf game starts with conditioning!

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Happy Easter weekend!

Other things being equal, a muscular, powerful athlete will outperform a fat, slower or skinny, weaker athlete. Sports Fitness Hut's Fat Blaster Athletic Power Training System will give you your "lean and mean" athletic machine!

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