Monday, June 15, 2009

Athletes Running Without Pumping The Arms!

I saw it again athlete running and not really pumping the arms! This is a sure way to slow you down....Pumping your arms as fast as you can (using power from your shoulders) will help you accelerate and run faster!

I have seen experienced runners and young runners not use the "arm pump" the right way! Coaches need to stress this important running technique more! This coach definitely stresses the "arm pump" during training drills. See this post on the "arm pump" drill.

Pumping your arms fast, especially at the start, helps you accelerate faster. Accelerating to your top speed faster can help you "make the play" or "win the race."

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  1. You are right!! It's the difference between dying and flying when you're running hills!

  2. Good to hear you Heather! Welcome back! Not pumping the arms correctly is one of the common mistakes people make when running. I call it "fighting against yourself."


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