Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Static Stretching Decreases Speed And Power

Static stretching decreases your speed potential and power output. Get ready for your practice or game by doing a dynamic warmup. A dynamic warmup uses your muscles to warmup your muscles and research proves it prepares your body best for competition.

Your bulky, fast-twitch muscle fibers will not fire properly unless you excite them. The best way to do this is with a dynamic warmup. Get your copy of my eBook "Sports Fitness Hut's Speed Training for Athletes" to see a full discussion on speed training!

For instance, you could warmup for your sprint practice this way:

1. Jog for 1 minute.

2. Do leg swings, hip turns, walking lunges and step ups (2 sets of 10 for each).

3. Run 4 sprints half speed.

4. Run 2 sprints three-quarters speed.

5. Run sprints at full speed.

Do your static stretches after your practice or game to return your muscles to their normal length.

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