Thursday, July 16, 2009

Romanian Dumbbell Deadlift

The romanian dumbbell deadlift is a great exercise to strengthen your hamstrings and glutes....



1. Start with your feet about shoulder width apart, a slight bend in your knees and hold two dumbbells with an overhand grip (in front of your thighs).

2. Bend forward at the hips and push your glutes back (as if sitting in a chair) while keeping the arch in your lower back.

3. Keep the dumbbells close to your thighs and shins until the dumbbells come to about mid-shin (you will feel the stretch in your hamstrings).

4. Keeping the dumbbells close to your shins and thighs, extend your hips and contract your glutes as you return to the start position. That's one repetition.

Add the romanian dumbbell deadlift to your exercise routine. It will help you lessen the risk of nagging hamstring injuries.

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