Monday, July 12, 2010

Speed Training For Football Players

Speed training for football players is a little different because you have to play the game with pads on and you need bulkier muscles to compete...I know this for a fact because I played football at the major college level! It is a fast, violent game and you'd better be ready to run fast with a purpose!

The best football players (especially the skill position players) have great amounts of strength, speed, agility and quickness.

Straight-ahead speed is not enough. This is the main reason that many world-class track athletes don't make a successful transition to the sport of football.

Playing speed in football is critical. Playing speed is a combination of the following: starting speed, acceleration speed, top-end speed, change-of-direction speed, stopping speed and closing speed. The football player must train for all of these types of speed. Quickness, which is reaction time without hesitation, facilitates great speed.

Some specific demands for being a successful football player on the field are: power (speed strength), starting ability, acceleration, stopping, cutting, stride rate, stride length, sprinting form and speed endurance.

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