Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Improve Reaction Time For Football

You can always improve your reaction time for football. You must consistently train to improve your reflexes.

Reaction time is the ability to respond quickly with proper posture and control to a stimulus such as sound or sight. In many instances, quickness is more important than straight ahead speed. In football, maximum speed is rarely reached or needed, but explosive reaction is often necessary.

Researchers in France performed a study that proves reaction time is a skill that can be improved and/or learned.

You can improve reaction times by training to make the right choices (choice reaction). Here is an example:

A defensive back makes an interception because he reads the quarterback's eyes/motions, reads the receiver's body moves, postions his body based on the receiver's actions and reacts to the thrown ball. These different stimuli could happen in any order. The most successful defensive backs anticipate, react quickly and explosively with proper posture and control.

Reaction time drills for football should be done from an athletic stance, staggered stance, kneeling position, back-to-ball position, eyes-closed position, 2-point stance, 3-point stance, etc. to simulate game-time situations.

Reaction time and explosive quickness is an important part of overall speed training for football and the best football players have this quality.

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