Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sports Training Preparation--Get Your Body Ready!

Get your body ready for sports fitness training by preconditioning or "training to train!" Prevent or minimize your injury risk so you can stay on the field and compete! Coaches can't use you if you are always hurt!

You can do sports training preparation prior to your team's training camp. For example, use the summer to precondition your body and get in shape! To compete at a high level in today's competitive climate, you need to show up to training camp "in shape and ready to go!" Coaches will not waste time getting you in shape. There is too much pressure for them to win.

Certain weight training exercises are good preconditioning exercises. They include:

1. Lunges (forward, reverse, lateral and transverse)
2. Step ups (front, lateral and transverse)
3. Shoulder exercises
4. Trunk exercises like planks, bridges and cobras
5. Hamstring exercises like glute/hamstring drops and hamstring curls
6. Pushups, Pullups and other back exercises
7. Bench Press
8. Squats (including single leg)

Many of these exercises can be done as bodyweight exercises.

These exercises should also emphasize concentric (force production), eccentric (force reduction) and isometric (force stabilization) contractions.

Eccentric contraction training of muscles can significantly reduce your injury risks. Eccentric muscle contraction weight training is the lowering phase of a lift. For example, you would lift the weight on a hamstring curl for one count and lower the weight for 3-4 counts.

You also need to do speed and plyometric training to prepare your body for training camp.

Exercise smart and precondition your body for training camp!

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