Saturday, January 30, 2010

Improve Agility During Pick-Up Games

I improved my agility during pick-up football, basketball and baseball games growing up. When you play pick-up games (or street ball), you don't think about technique---you just play the game. Consequently, you improve your agility skills (if you do them correctly).

You can work on your agility and speed during any pick-up game. You don't have to wait until your formal team practice to get better. Matter of fact, I learned much about how to compete by playing pick-up games with older guys. You either got better or embarrassed!

Improve your agility with these drills and then apply them during your movements in a pick-up game:

1. jump rope (one foot, two feet, slalom, Ali shuffle, backpedal)

2. speed ladder drills

3. cariocas, tapiocas, back pedals, shuffles, toe taps

4. hip turn and hip flexibility drills (like leg swings)

What are you doing to improve your agility and speed to become a better athlete? Let us know!

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