Friday, January 15, 2010

Sports Fitness Hut's All-Star Baseball Power Workout Manual

If you need more power hitting the baseball, more speed running the bases or more quickness at your position then you need this power workout manual. The manual's drills, techniques and workouts are designed for advanced baseball players.

Power or rate-of-force production (how fast your muscles can produce force) is one the best physical predictors of success in baseball and sports in general.

Maximum power is achieved by performing resistance and plyometric exercises at maximum effort. This type of training has great potential for injuries. So, it is imperative that you have adequate core and body strength before starting power training.

If you don't have foundational strength and stability then that's where your training would start. You should not progress to more risky power training exercises until you build your foundation.

The speed demands of baseball are: starting ability, acceleration, stopping, cutting, stride rate, stride length, sprinting form and speed endurance. The power workout manual will help you improve your athleticism and playing ability.

Most explosive movements in baseball occur after some other movement such as swinging or sliding. Maximum running speed is rarely reached by a player except in the case of hitting a triple, inside-the-park homerun or running down a long fly ball.

Therefore, starting ability, acceleration and lateral speed should be emphasized during speed training.

Download your FREE All-Star Baseball Power Workout Manual and improve your strength, power and explosiveness on the field!

Train hard and smart!

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