Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Athletic Power Training With Medicine Balls

Build your athletic power with high speed medicine ball workouts. All athletic power training programs need medicine ball exercises. The best athletes move naturally with little or no wasted motion. To do this, you MUST train your muscles with "natural movement patterns." Medicine ball exercises help you to move naturally with athletic movements.

Power can't be effectively transferred from your legs to your arms if your core is weak....athletic movements like jumping, swinging a bat, swinging a racket, rotating, turning, twisting, etc. can be "powerized" with full speed medicine ball training.

For example, the medicine ball squat and rotation (pictured above)trains your body to move explosively while swinging, rotating, twisting or turning.

Training for strength and power is a comprehensive, systematic approach and it is much more than “gym science.” If you are a serious athlete, you need a program that continually challenges and improves your core strength!

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