Monday, August 2, 2010

Bodyweight Speed Drills At SFH Speed Camp

Master bodyweight speed drills before progressing to resisted speed drills such as towing sleds. This is definitely the rule at Sports Fitness Hut's Speed and Power Camp which started today. You may have seen the commercial showing an athlete doing a speed drill while pulling a sled. That's a good exercise to do---if your body is ready for it.

See Speed Camp video on YouTube!

Unfortunately, many young athletes haven't even mastered bodyweight speed drills yet.....and, they don't have enough core strength or overall body strength to do this sled exercise the right way.

Master bodyweight speed drills before progressing to assisted or weight-bearing speed drills. The average guy or gal I see working out doesn't even run with correct running mechanics! This would be the place to start----work on running mechanics every day!

Greek researchers found that athletes training with towing methods (sleds, tires, etc.) improved their running velocity over the first 20 meters (i.e. acceleration) but that overall maximum speed did not improve. The researchers found that unresisted sprint training techniques improved maximum speed velocity more. So, resisted and unresisted training has a place in the overall speed training program. Finally, the researchers found that towing sleds that were too heavy forced the athletes to use bad running mechanics.

Don't do an exercise just because you see it on television or in a magazine! You may not be ready for that exercise!

Train hard and smart to achieve your athletic goals!

What are you doing to improve your running speed?

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