Thursday, May 20, 2010

Baseball Power Workout

The best baseball players have power---powerful arms, powerful swings and powerful movements. Baseball requires quick, powerful bursts, whether its on the basepaths, batter's box or in the field. You need the FREE All Star Baseball Power Workout Manual!.

The baseball power exercises are illustrated by All-American collegiate shortstop, Blake Kelso. Check out Blake's technique as he trains to excel at the most athletically demanding position in baseball!

Every baseball player wants more power, speed and strength! Not every baseball player is training right for explosive power. If you need more power hitting the baseball, more speed running the bases or more quickness at your position then you need this power workout manual. The manual's drills, techniques and workouts are designed for advanced baseball players.

Baseball requires a series of rotational and lateral movements. Therefore, the baseball player needs a strong core to generate rotational and lateral speed and power.

The physical demands of baseball are: starting ability, acceleration, stopping, cutting, stride rate, stride length, sprinting form and speed endurance.

Most explosive movements occur after some other movement (swinging, sliding, etc.). Maximum velocity is rarely reached except in the case of hitting a triple, inside-the-park homerun or running down a long fly ball. Therefore, starting ability and acceleration should be emphasized during training.

Download your FREE All-Star Baseball Power Workout Manual and improve your strength, power and explosiveness on the field!

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