Monday, May 3, 2010

Power Training For Performance--Stabilization Strength

Your power training for high-level sports performance begins with getting adequate stabilization strength.

Primary goals you should be focused on during stabilization strength training are:

1. to correct muscle imbalances
2. joint dysfunctions,
3. postural distortion patterns,
4. improve kinetic chain (human movement system) integrity and
5. reconditioning/rehabilitation.

You can't skip over stabilization training to do more risky strength and power training! The purpose of your sports fitness training is to give your body the best chance at avoiding injuries while competing at a high level.

Stabilization training prepares you for the more intense training to follow. General strength and conditioning is accomplished by strengthening the core and all other major muscle groups and joint structures. The cardiovascular and nervous systems are also developed.

Stabilization training is also used to rehabilitate injuries and correct any postural dysfunctions. Strength training is high volume and low intensity. This means training with lighter weights and higher repetitions. All athletes need this phase of training. Elite athletes won't need as much time in this phase as a beginning or low-level athlete.

Don't do exercises before you are ready for them. For example, you shouldn't be doing high speed plyometric exercises before you have adequate core and body strength.

Stay tuned this week for more on Power Training For Performance.

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  1. What fitness plan has to be followed to be an good athlete?Also can U suggest any exercises that helps to build the stamina?

  2. Thanks for the visit! I would recommend you read through my power and speed and sport-specific articles. They will give you the broad knowledge you need.


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