Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Top Speed Training Exercise: Arm Pump Drill

Practice the arm pump drill every day to improve your speed.

Use the standing arm pump speed drill to help you run faster. This drill will help you develop quick and powerful arm movements. It also stretches and strengthens your arms. You can run faster by pumping your arms faster.

I have seen many athletes not pump their arms fast enough or properly when running....pumping your arms fast, especially at the start, helps you accelerate faster. Accelerating to your top speed faster can help you "make the play" or "win the race."

1. Stand and pump your arms as fast as you can with control.

2. Use the shoulders (and not the elbows) to pump your arms as fast as possible. The hands should be relaxed in unballed fists.

3. Move each arm as one piece with the elbow bent at 90 degrees. Arm action should be straight forward, up and down and never flailing side to side.

4. Keep your shoulders relaxed and head up looking straight ahead. Keep your chest spread and the lower back locked in.

Running mechanics are critical to improve your speed. Part of the running mechanics is properly pumping your arms. I have seen more than one athlete run with little or no use of the arm pump. This is a big mistake!

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