Monday, August 9, 2010

Football Players Need Dynamic Balance

One must-have for all football players is dynamic balance. In my opinion, dynamic balance along with power are the two greatest physical predictors of success in sports that require speed. Athletes began to improve their dynamic balance last week at Sports Fitness Hut's Speed and Power Camp.

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Improve your dynamic balance and you will be a better football player and overall athlete.

Static balance, which can be maintained with minimal movement, should be distinguished from dynamic balance. Your ability to maintain your center of gravity over a constantly changing base of support is critical to success on the football field and is the essence of dynamic balance. The ability to "stay on your feet (under control)" and "make the play" distinguishes great football players from other football players. Postural strength and control is also necessary to achieve dynamic balance.

You should do exercises that progressively challenge your dynamic balance and postural control. Exercises that require use of different surfaces (firm to unstable) will work to accomplish this. One-armed and one-legged exercises also work well. Experts don't always agree on the specific balance exercises to be performed, but research proves that changes in both sensory and motor systems influence balance performance.

Workout hard and smart to be a better football player!

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Mark Dilworth, BA, PES
Sports Fitness Hut

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