Friday, October 1, 2010

Rest And Recovery During Speed Training

Rest and recovery is sometimes not given enough importance by those of you doing speed training. You must give maximum effort during speed training workouts, if you want to get faster. You can improve your running speed no matter who you are!

You have to train fast to get faster! This might sound simple but how many times have you seen coaches have their players run "sprints" after practice. That IS NOT speed training---that is general conditioning!

You can only run full speed when your body has recovered. That means you need adequate rest between sprints in order to run each one at full speed. About 1 minute of rest is needed for every 10 yards sprinted (forty yard sprints need 4 minutes of rest).

Coaches, instead of having your players run sprints after practice, make sure that they practice at full speed during practice and drills. And, a better tactic would be to run sprints before practice when your players are fresh (they would still need adequate recovery between sprints).

Metabolic training and speed endurance training are also important for athletes.

The running mechanics are important to improve straight-ahead speed. Practice these mechanics every day! Strengthening your body (core included) will also help make you faster.

The same holds true for plyometric exercises such as squat jumps. These drills need to be done at full speed with adequate recovery time between sets. Drills like squat jumps help improve speed and power.

Train hard and smart!

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  1. very helpful tips, It is a good suggestion to sprint before the training exercises, as all will be fresh and energetic.

  2. Hey Fitness Freak....let me know how the speed training is going. Thanks for the visit!


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