Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Summer Football Training for Speed and Power

Use your summer football training workouts to get faster, more powerful and to prepare yourself to help your team win games! To do this, you must get better as an athlete and football player.

Periodization training for football players is important because you want to peak at the right time---DURING THE SEASON! Periodization training is a method that helps to avoid injuries and over-training.

During the summer, you must convert your strength to power (how fast your muscles can produce force) and speed. The 7-on-7 tournament games during the summer are a good way to work on your speed and agility.

Plyometrics, sport specific training and speed training comes to the forefront as you get ready for the season.

At some point, getting stronger will not increase your power. Power, or speed strength is one of the best physical predictors of success in sports.

High speed plyometric exercises like jumps and bounding are high-risk, high-reward. It is important to learn proper jumping and landing techniques before doing the exercises at full speed.

And, plyometric exercises like squat jumps improve vertical jump height and top end running speed. Year after year at the NFL Combine, the fastest athletes also have the highest vertical jump heights.

Sport specific exercises should closely mimic the movements at your position. For example, a defensive back would do high speed shuffles, back pedals, crossovers, hip turn-and-runs, etc.

Speed training would include agility drills (reaction, quickness, change-of-direction), speed endurance (including metabolic training), speed acceleration, closing speed, backwards speed, stopping speed, etc.

As you progress year after year, you will need less muscle growth/strength training and more plyometric/speed/position training. So, the time periods for each training goal can be shortened or lengthened.

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