Thursday, June 23, 2011

How to Use 7-on-7 Football to Improve Agility and Speed

As you play in your 7-on-7 football games to prepare for football season this fall, work on improving your agility and speed. Why else would you play? You can't tackle anyone in 7-on-7, so work to get better!

Improve your agility during 7-on-7 games by perfecting your technique as a defensive back, linebacker, receiver or quarterback. Do the repetitions the right way--everytime! Perfect practice makes perfect

You can also improve your speed during games. You get faster by running fast. Train your muscles to fire faster. Run routes at full speed and cover your man at full speed. You don't have to wait until your formal team practices to get faster. Let your coach see your speed improvement when fall practices start.

Improve your agility with these drills and then apply them during your 7-on-7 games:

1. jump rope (one foot, two feet, slalom, Ali shuffle, backpedal)

2. speed ladder drills

3. cariocas, tapiocas, back pedals, shuffles, toe taps

4. hip turn and hip flexibility drills

Use your 7-on-7 football games to improve your skills and help your team win this summer and fall.

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