Friday, June 17, 2011

Top 10 Tips to Improve Sports Speed

Sports speed is much more than running a fast 40 or 60 yard dash time. Sports speed will play a huge part in your success or failure as a player. Starting, stopping, cutting, do you stack up?

Improve your Sports Speed with these 10 Tips:

1. Your core strength is crucial for your success. Core strength is important to "power you up" when you are fatigued late in the game!

If your core is weak, you will start to "bend over" and lose power and explosiveness when you run. Next, your arms will start to "flail" instead of pumping powerfully to fuel your running.

2. Get more overall body strength and power. Your body produces more power when you improve speed strength (how fast your muscles can produce force).

3. Improve lower body strength and power.

4. Perfect your running mechanics. Running with proper form is one of the most ignored skills by athletes. You will not be at your best until you improve your mechanics. Work to improve them every day.

5. Improve your quickness and reaction. Reaction time is the ability to respond quickly with proper posture and control to a stimulus such as sound or sight. In many instances, quickness is more important than straight ahead speed.

In many sports, maximum speed is rarely reached or needed, but explosive reaction is often necessary. Athletes can improve reaction times by training to make the right choices (choice reaction).

6. Improve your acceleration speed. For instance, you can train to improve your acceleration speed by doing weighted squat jumps (bodyweight squat jumps should be mastered first).

While sport-specific plyometric training improves power, non-specific power training should not be ignored. Researchers from Canada found that athletes who performed better with weighted squat jumps were the best accelerators at 10 meters.

Concentric force development (jumping power) is critical to improve sprint acceleration. The first step from a stand-still (or near stand-still) position requires concentric muscle power.

7. Improve your change-of-direction speed.

Body positioning is critical if you want to improve your change-of-direction speed. You will need dynamic balance. In many sports, it is not that easy to change direction and accelerate because you are often off balance.

Having great dynamic balance means that you are able to maintain your center of gravity over a constantly changing base of support. So, quickness and agility drills help you to improve dynamic balance and change-of-direction acceleration while not wasting motion.

8. Improve your closing speed. Closing speed can be practiced during acceleration speed training.

Most of the time, you are not running full speed during the game. But sometimes, it is necessary for you to accelerate to full speed (or near full speed) as quickly as possible in order to “make the play.” That's closing speed.

9. Improve your speed endurance. Adequate core strength helps your speed endurance, which is the ability to maintain maximum velocity or a percentage of maximum velocity for a prolonged period of time or in a fatigued state. The best players and teams have excellent overall body strength, core strength and speed endurance (and they win the most games).

10. Improve your top end speed and backwards speed acceleration.

Do you have work to do? Get busy now this summer while you have time! Show up to practice this fall and blow 'em away with your speed and power!

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