Friday, September 2, 2011

Football Lineman Core Strength Needs

A football lineman will not have a great power surge without adequate core strength. Show me a lineman with a weak core and I'll show you a lineman who is sitting on the bench.

If you have strong arms and legs, you will have a POWER OUTAGE because of a weak core.

Your body's core consists of the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex, thoracic spine and cervical spine. THE CORE is your body's center of gravity. Many football linemen have sufficient EXTREMITY STRENGTH (limbs), but few display sufficient CORE STRENGTH.

A strong and stable core will maximize your EXTREMITY STRENGTH and POWER.

The body's core is so much more than your "six pack" abs! A strong core will also maximize your speed. Since the core is your body's center of gravity and all movement begins with the core, it is essential to strengthen and stabilize it.

A strong core will allow you to handle heavier loads as your training progresses. You will also lessen your chances of injury.

A core strengthening program involves using many muscles in a coordinated movement. Rather than isolating specific joints as in most weight lifting exercises, core stability exercises focus on working the deep muscles of the entire torso at once.

The core muscles are also very important in preventing low back pain. Stability ball exercises, bridges, planks, low back extensions, etc. are great for strengthening core muscles.

Power exercises like high-speed medicine ball chops, medicine ball throws and weight training exercises will improve the football lineman's force.

Power is how fast your muscles can produce force. Because football linemen play in small spaces, POWER IS CRITICAL!

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