Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Find the Best Protein Powder for Musclebuilding

Protein is one of the central components to building lean muscle. However, it is crucial to be wary of any marketing hype or gimmicks that manufacturers tend to use when trying to sell you protein powder.

A simple solution to this problem is to be able to compare protein powders in an unbiased and data-driven way, and this protein powder comparison enables you to do just that.

Published by FindTheBest, this comparison enables its users to compare protein powder by using our SmartRating, which is a combined score based on the protein powder’s nutritional content, stripped of any marketing influence.

In addition, the comparison allows its users to search by the type of protein (such as whey, weight gainer, or blend), the name of the manufacturer and the amount of protein per serving.

Once you have narrowed down your decision to the protein powders you’re most interested in, you can compare the protein powders side-by-side. So, from now on, when searching for the protein powder that is right for you, consider using this unique comparison tool to help you move forward in building lean muscle.

Niko Veatch is a Business Development Associate at FindTheBest. It is an unbiased, fact-driven decision engine. FindTheBest organizes and presents data in a consumer-friendly format so that you can make quick and informed decisions based on what’s important to you. What Kayak does for travel, FindTheBest does for the thousands of other decisions in your life.


  1. thanks for the information! your head can spin when in GNC looking at the wall of protein shake options!

  2. Kel...yes, there are many protein powders out there. I try to get my protein from food first.

  3. It's really very informative and interesting post for readers who have bit less knowledge on protein Powder for Musclebuilding. Protein powder is the best way to lift weights, weight loss, nutrition, supplements and health.

    natural protein powder

  4. I definitely prefer vegan protein over traditional whey protein powder. Does this tool help compare more non-mainstream brands?

  5. thanks for the information, it is really hard to find good protein powders in market.


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