Friday, November 9, 2012

Five Ways To Keep Your Toddler Active Day In and Day Out

It’s important to get your toddler active and moving at a very young age. This not only builds healthy habits that will hopefully last forever, but also stimulates development of the brain and other important body functions.

Use these 5 tips to make sure your child is healthy and on the road to choosing healthy habits.

Limit the screens, or use them to promote healthy activity

Children love watching television. Many parents let their children sit on the couch for hours and hours a day watching Spongebob or some other cartoon. You don’t want your kid’s first word to be “Krabby Patty!”

Limit your child’s television time to one hour a day, and try and get them to watch an engaging program that gets them up and moving rather than sitting on the couch. There are plenty of these kinds of programs out there, find one that your child will watch over and over!

Sign up for a class together

It’s so important that your child gets engaging activity that promotes healthy development every single day. Seriously, consider signing up for an activity that lets you and your child enjoy this stimulating activity together!

There are plenty of parent child programs available for a wide range of ages, whether for an infant or a toddler. Your child will love going to these classes with you and you may make some new friends. A great benefit: you’ll always be there to see every important milestone your child makes, and you will be surprised how quickly they develop.

Dance, just dance!

It’s that simple. Turn up your toddler’s favorite jam and start grooving! Children love dancing and when they see you doing it, they will absolutely want to join in. Better yet, start dancing around the house and wait for your toddler to follow you. Pause to walk up the stairs, and keep going at the top. Then repeat so you’re throwing in some stair activity, and you’ll really get good exercise for yourself and your child.

Make your kids an obstacle course 

It’s easy to get your child moving at home without the use of a television screen. Take your child to the backyard and set up a little obstacle course. You can create some “stepping stones” by cutting up some construction paper or even cardboard from old boxes.

Take all the cushions from the couch and make a giant pile for your child to climb up and over, they will absolutely love it and be so surprised! You can even make a simple balance board by using a shelf bought from a hardware store. Combine all these ideas and more to get your child up and moving.

Set a good example 

If you never exercise, how can you expect your child to? Make sure you’re a good example for your child. Even at such a young age, your child will be able to tell what’s healthy and what’s not. Do an exercise video at home so your child sees you working out and wants to be just like you.

Or, even better, get the whole family involved by holding family outings outdoors with fun activities like hiking or swimming.  Toddlers learn from experience, so make sure you’re giving them a really healthy experience to learn from!

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