Friday, October 4, 2013

Getting to the gym

It’s estimated that there are 1.22 million regular gym users in the UK though there are 4.5 million gym members. In the USA, there are an impressive 50 million gym members though not all members take advantage of the facilities on offer.


One of the main reasons why there are far fewer users as opposed to gym members is that with increasingly busy lives it’s often difficult to fit in a visit to the gym while trying to juggle a work and domestic timetable.

Some gym users are intimidated by the display of the svelte and muscular figures around them, while others are just too tired to attend after a busy day in the office.

One way to overcome this problem is to drive to the local sports club in one of the many Mercedes cars available from local dealerships. Just because you enjoy fitness doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to get to and from your gym with speed and style. After all, the hard work invested in burning off the calories should have its reward!


If you’re looking for a car that’s big enough to carry all of your sports kit and a friend or two, then the affordable A Class hatchback is ideal. This Mercedes model has low CO2 emissions, and comes with either petrol or diesel engines, depending on your choice.

The car also comes with manual or automatic transmission and performs as well on crowded city streets as on the wide-open road. It’s not cheating on health and fitness to use a car as long as this isn’t your only method of transport. You can always load your bike into the boot of the Mercedes E Class estate and enjoy the benefits of a nippy V8 turbo engine to reach your destination.


Anyone who is in training for their local sports team is aware of the importance of punctuality and Mercedes is renowned for its reliability. Whether you want to turn up for team practice in a head turning Cabriolet roadster or you’re taking the family to the next big World Series game in the GL SUV, timekeeping is essential.

The G grade SUV is perfect for those who enjoy trekking and taking all of their camping kit with them. It is possible to stay healthy and drive just combine the two passions.

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