Monday, September 8, 2014

10 Ways Testosterone Affects Your Body

Testosterone is an important male hormone. A male begins to produce testosterone as 
early as seven weeks after conception. Testosterone levels rise during puberty, peak during
the late teen years, and then level off. After age 30 or so, it’s normal for a man’s testosterone
levels to decrease slightly every year.
Most men have more than enough testosterone. But, it’s possible for the body to 
produce too little testosterone. This leads to a condition called hypogonadism. This can
be treated with hormonal therapy, which requires a doctor’s prescription and careful monitoring.
Men with normal testosterone levels should not consider testosterone therapy.
Testosterone levels affect everything in men from the reproductive system and sexuality to
muscle mass and bone density. It also plays a role in certain behaviors.
It All
Starts Here
Another Hormone Maker
Sperm Production
Control Center
Skin Issues
Fat Metabolism
Heart Health
The Messenger
Main Source
Genital Transformation
Behavioral Traits
Beard and Body Hair
Muscle Mass
Bone Density
In the Bloodstream

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