Saturday, July 14, 2007

Dynamic Flexibility For Athletes

Dynamic flexibility is achieved by using your muscles to warm up your muscles. A more technical definition would be this: multiplanar soft tissue extensibility with efficiency throughout the full range of motion. Athletes perform dynamic flexibility exercises to get ready for competition. But dynamic flexibility is not limited to athletes.

Research suggests that dynamic flexibility exercises prepare you better for the activities to follow, whether it is sports or a workout. Dynamic flexibility training integrates various stretches in all three planes of motion to produce maximum extensibility of tissues. Here is an example of a dynamic flexibility warm-up:

--Jump Rope, 3 minutes
--Prisoner Squats, 2 sets/8 reps
--Medicine Ball Walking Rotational Lunges 2 sets/10 yd.
--Dumbbell Lateral Lunges, 2 sets/10 reps (each side)
--Transverse Lunges, 2 sets/10 reps (each side)
--Cones, 1 set (run, shuffle, carioca, tapioca, back pedal) or 5 minutes on treadmill or bike

After your game or workout, you should do static stretches to return your muscles to their normal length.

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