Thursday, June 5, 2008

Athletes Who Achieve Great Things Have This Quality In Common

We all see the great athletes on television achieving great feats on the field or court. It all looks so easy. Trust me, it is not easy to make those great plays during the heat of competition.

I played collegiate football and the level of play at the Division I level is incredible. The game is fast and violent. And, you won't be successful if you don't play at that level. Pick the sport and the same standard of excellence will hold true.

These athletes all have great speed, agility, quickness, balance, etc. or they wouldn't be at that level. But, there is one quality that separates athletes who consistently achieve great things during their games or matches. Work Ethic!

One thing that is said about Tiger Woods, Cal Ripken, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Derek Jeter and Tom Brady---they work harder than their competitors!

It doesn't matter what level you play at---elementary, middle school, high school, college or pro. You can always work harder than your competitor! I will venture to guess that the best player on your team is also the hardest worker.

And, if she or he is not a hard worker, the talent will only take them so far before they are passed up by the talented and hard-working players. You might not be a Michael Jordan. But, you will be YOUR BEST! Hard work can sometimes make up for a lack of talent.

Remember this, Michael Jordan was cut from his middle school basketball team. It just made him work harder to reach his goals! And, look where it got him!

Work hard, train smart, do your best----and see what happens for you in your sport!

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