Friday, August 22, 2008

Client Sports Fitness Question Of The Week, 8

Listen up young athletes! Read this client Q & A to learn about developing lower body leg power, speed and dynamic balance for your sport! Actually, this info will apply to any athlete.

Client Q: What are some good leg exercises to help me improve my strength and speed?

Mark's A: First, don't worry about "maxing out" on leg exercises! Functional strength and dynamic balance are more important than absolute strength. You don't even need weights (use bodyweight).

Since this workout is circuit-style, you also get the benefit of a great cardio workout. Do each exercise (10-12 repetitions) one after the other with little or no rest between exercises. Rest 2-3 minutes and do the circuit again. Here is a representative leg circuit program:

--Walking Lunges
--Bodyweight Squats
--1 Legged Glute Bridge
--Dumbbell Deadlift
--Reverse Lunges
--1 Legged Split Squats
--Front Step Ups
--Side Lunges
--Lateral Step Ups
--Transverse Lunges
--Leg Curls
--Calf Raises

Do less heavy weight leg work and add leg circuits to your overall athletic exercise program! It will make you a better athlete!

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