Monday, August 25, 2008

Team Warmup After Halftime Break

Its that time of year again! Football season! Love it! The popcorn will be poppin', the bands playin', cheerleaders cheerin' and players playin'! The beginning of the third quarter is always a key part of the game. One team can gain an advantage and carry that momentum through the end of the game.

Its important for a team to fully warmup after halftime break (especially long high school and college game halftimes of 25-30 minutes)! Static stretches and a little jogging after halftime is not an adequate warmup for the team. This type of inadequate warmup can lead to injuries and a slow start for your team in the second half!

A better dynamic team warmup after halftime break would be:

1) light jogging to
2) half speed sprints to
3) 3/4 speed sprints to
4) full speed sprints to
5) side shuffles, back pedals, cariocas, turn-and-runs, etc.

This ten minute warmup after halftime break will give your team a better chance of starting out fast and furious! Now let's play some football!

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