Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ladder Drills Improve Agility And Quickness

Improve your agility and quickness with ladder drills. Practice ladder drills 1-2 times a week and concentrate on doing the exercises correctly. You can add more speed to the exercises as you progress.

In many ways, quickness and agility are more important than straight-ahead speed. A player rarely reaches maximum speed during game competition. Having great change-of-direction speed (agility with quickness) allows you to beat your opponent "to the spot" or recover from mistakes in positioning.

How many times have you seen a player with "not great speed" repeatedly make plays to help the team win. This is not an accident. You can improve your change-of-direction speed with proper training. Read my post that discusses change-of-direction speed in detail.

You can also improve quickness by improving your reaction time. You do this by training to make the right choices as quickly as possible. You can practice reacting to sight or sound cues.

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