Monday, September 22, 2008

Improve Your Speed With This Simple Change

One of the biggest barriers to athletes improving their speed is: rigid, inflexible running/movements. Matter of fact, you will have a hard time being any good in sports if you are not relaxed during movements. "Clutch performers" like Derek Jeter, Tom Brady, Josh Beckett and Lisa Leslie have learned how to relax when the pressure is greatest!

I was training a middle school athlete this summer and he was trying to improve his 40 yard dash time. His running style was a little rigid so I had him work on his flexibility between training sessions.

Also, before I timed him, I had him do leg swings (front-to-back and side-to-side) to loosen his tight hip flexors. By summer's end, he had reduced his time by 2 tenths of a second! That is a HUGE IMPROVEMENT in any sprint time!

Although the strength exercises and other running mechanics were also factors, the biggest factor was that this kid relaxed his running style by improving his dynamic flexibility!

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