Thursday, October 30, 2008

Improve Acceleration Speed By Starting From Different Body Positions

One of the reasons we love sports is that its unpredictable (unlike reality television) method used to train speed acceleration is to mimic the different situations that come up during a game.

You might get knocked down, fall down, roll around or crawl during a game. Its just that easy----acceleration speed drills can start from stand-still, staggered-stance, one foot, kneeling and any other position you can think of. You can also lie flat on the ground and get up to find and chase the person with the ball. These drills will also improve your reaction-time skills.

One more thing......the best time to practice these acceleration speed drills is during actual team practices.....coaches are right---you play the game the same way you practice it.....this way, you don't have to mimic anything because its happening in real-time. You rarely reach maximum speed in a game so speed acceleration and quick reactions are critical during games.

Train hard and smart!

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