Friday, October 31, 2008

Sports Fitness Question Of The Week, #14

Wanna improve your dynamic balance for your sport? Read this Q & A....

Client Q: Mark, what do you think about balance boards, BOSU balls, disc, etc. used to improve balance in my sport?

Mark's A: An athlete's dynamic balance is one of the top physical predictors of success in sports. Having said that, there are alot of companies selling sports fitness products for a profit. And, of course, their products are guaranteed to make you a better athlete.

I don't use fitness gadgets when I work with clients. There are many ways to improve your dynamic balance using exercises like:

1. one-legged exercises (bodyweight and resisted),

2. exercises done on different surfaces like sand, grass and astro-play,

3. exercises done with your eyes closed,

4. jump rope exercises (one foot, shuffles, alternating feet, slaloms, etc.),

5. plyometric jumping, landing and bounding exercises,

6. exercises performed in all 3 planes of motion and

7. quickness and agility drills which force you to maintain balance over a constantly changing base of support.

So, I say save your money on sports fitness gadgets. You don't need them to improve your dynamic balance.

Train hard and smart!

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