Friday, October 3, 2008

Too Much Body Fat Affects Your Game On The Field

I see more and more athletes, young and old, who just have too much body fat! You need to know that you will not perform at your highest level if you are too fat!

Your speed, quickness and power will be less than they could be. It is even more disappointing to see paid professional athletes who report to camp fat and out of shape (and some stay that way!).

The best way to burn body fat is to increase lean muscle mass.Body composition is the key to peak athletic performance. Stated another way, how much lean muscle mass does your body have in relation to fat mass. One major athletic goal should always be to decrease fat mass to an acceptable level for your sport.

Have you ever seen an overfat athlete who was performing her or his sport at a high level. That same athlete would perform at an even higher level if her or his body fat was at an acceptable level for athletes.

Acceptable levels of body fat for athletes are as follows: Women 14-20%, Men 6-13%. Some athletic positions, like a catcher in baseball, might require a little more body fat (like 10% instead of 8%). Whereas a swimmer would need less body fat. The point is this: if you are serious about your athletic performance, being overfat will not help you achieve your highest athletic potential.

If your body fat is unacceptable, you should start a strength and conditioning program to enhance your athletic skills!

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